Aspiration: Step by Step Guide

Non-surgical Aspiration Procedure


You may be anxious or frightened of getting an abortion.  You need not be.  There is a better option than surgery, and it is a quick and safe approach to ending early pregnancy (under 10 weeks).  If you have only missed one or two periods, you are eligible to get the quiet Manual Vacuum Aspiration procedure.  This gentle non surgical method is completed in our regular examination room, and takes a few minutes longer than your yearly pap test.

The aspiration procedure is considered a non surgical non-invasive method because it causes a natural release of the early pregnancy tissue without interrupting the wall of the uterus.   Compared to a surgical D&C abortion,  we do not use any metal instruments.  There is no (loud) electric suction, no scraping, and no need for you to be put to sleep.  You will have a few minutes of tolerable cramping, and in minutes you will feel back to normal.

Follow our simple steps to getting an Aspiration Procedure.

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