Question: I’m not bleeding after surgical abortion. Is this normal?

Saturday, October 8th, 2011 by Dr Joan F.

Question: I had a surgical abortion yesterday. I was actually a 4 weeks and some days into my pregnancy. The thing is I only felt pain the time the doctor was squeezing out the foetus and the pain died out 15-25 minutes after his work. Has the pregnancy been aborted even though I have not bleed or have some pains in my lower abdomen?  N.

Dear N,

It is normal not to have any bleeding or pain after an abortion procedure, especially if the pregnancy was early.  You may not have any symptoms, or sometimes the symptoms can come and go.  So, don’t be surprised or anxious if you start to having cramping and/or bleeding a few days from now.

I’m glad that you’re feeling so well after your procedure.

I hope this is helpful,

Doctor Joan

Founder, Early Options, New York City