Abortion Clinics

Find the Best Abortion Clinic For You

Finding out that you are pregnant when you do not want to be can be quite a shock, to say the very least. It can feel overwhelming and scary.

Many women do not know where to turn when faced with an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Some may have heard stories about bad experiences at abortion clinics or even had a previous bad experience of their own. It can be very daunting to look for an abortion provider.

The doctors who created this website are dedicated to helping women understand their early abortion options and help connect women with reputable, respectful, and top of the line abortion care. We believe that abortion care should be private, safe, simple, and a part of normal reproductive healthcare.

We encourage you to look through our resources to find the best abortion clinic for you, but we understand that many women may not be near the facilities listed on this website, or may simply want to do their own research.

To ensure that you are receiving the best abortion care available, you may want to consider asking the following questions when choosing an abortion provider:

  • Is this a private doctor’s office or an abortion clinic?
  • How many patients are scheduled at the same time?
  • Are your procedures non-surgical?
  • Can I eat normally before the appointment?
  • Can a companion come with me?
  • How long will the appointment last?
  • Are all of your doctors female?

How you feel about your abortion after it is completed will be influenced by the atmosphere in which it is performed, and not all abortion facilities are the same. It is in your best interest to make sure that the doctor you choose offers the best procedures, and that the abortion clinic you go to is welcoming, non-judgmental, and friendly.