Private Abortion

You Deserve Private, Quality Medical Care.

The goal of this website is to encourage women and abortion providers to think differently about the way that abortion care is offered in the United States. Because of the controversy that surrounds abortion, it is the standard of care that abortion be provided in a clinic setting, which perpetuates the stigma associated with abortion and further separates abortion care from mainstream medicine. The doctors involved with are a part of developing a new method for providing abortion care. With newly available medical technologies and interventions, such as the abortion pill and Manual Vacuum Aspiration, abortion can be offered in a private doctor’s office, in a regular examination room, and in a personalized and sensitive manner.

We believe in private abortion services for early termination of pregnancy. Early abortion methods, including Manual Vacuum Aspiration, and the Abortion Pill, allow for maximum privacy when ending a pregnancy. An advantage to private abortion services offered in a normal doctor’s office is that, because routine examinations and testing are also offered, no one can assume to know why you are there.

There are a lot of women who have either had a bad prior experience at an abortion clinic, or have heard of traumatizing experiences.  This is simply unacceptable to us.  We all make mistakes.  Your medical care should not make those mistakes harder.  There is always something positive to learn in hard situations.

Unfortunately, most women in the United States do not have access to private abortion services. It is important to note that not all clinics are bad- in fact, many abortion clinics are filled with compassionate and caring people. However, because of the clinic structure, the care provided can still feel impersonal and alienating. If you need to go to an abortion clinic, make an effort to connect with the staff. You may be surprised to find how kind most abortion care workers can be.

There are many abortion clinics who say they are private. Most of the time this simply refers to their financial situation and not the type of care they provide. Most clinics schedule all or many patients to arrive at the same time, and expected appointment times can be 4-6 hours. It is likely that you will encounter crowded waiting rooms.

When you are researching abortion facilities, there are a few questions that can be asked to be sure what type of service you will receive:

  • How many appointments do you schedule at the same time?
  • How many seats are in your waiting area?
  • How long will I be in the clinic?
  • Can my companion be with me the entire visit?
  • Will I have a private examination room?
  • Will I encounter other patients at the clinic?

Abortion Services: Compare your Options

Private Abortion Services
Clinic Abortion Services

  • Non-Surgical Abortion (no scraping, gentle natural methods)
    • Eat and drink normally before and after your appointment
    • Scheduled Appointments, No Wait
    • Unlikely to see another patient
    • 1-2 Hour visits · Private Examination Rooms
    • Dedicated Clinical Assistant
    • Private Consultation with your Doctor
  • Surgical Abortion (scraping, electric suction, general sedation)
  • Fast from midnight the night before your appointment to prepare for surgery
  • Crowded Waiting Rooms
  • Often in rooms with 10-30 other patients
  • 4-6 hour visits
  • Operating room, Recovery Room
  • Multiple staff members
  • Meet your surgeon right before surgery
  • Companions in the waiting room
  • Mostly male doctors

Private abortion methods for early pregnancy

  •  The private Abortion Pill can be completed in the privacy of your own home. You take the first pill (mifepristone) in the doctor’s office. You can choose to take the misoprostol at your convenience, 24-72 hours later. Typically the misoprostol induces a miscarriage within hours of taking the medications. Women who choose the private Abortion Pill appreciate being able to complete a natural miscarriage in the comfort and privacy of their own home.
  •  The Manual Vacuum Aspiration method is a simple, non-surgical, non-invasive procedure. It is similar to a regular gynecologic exam or pap smear. This private abortion procedure is less than 5 minutes, and is completed on a regular medical examination table in a private examination room. There is no scraping and no electric machine, so the procedure is not traumatic to your body. There is immediate recovery. When you leave the office you can resume your normal activities.

It’s your choice. You deserve private abortion services.

Your privacy is important. The choice to have a private abortion should be available to all women. Other patients should not know what kind of medical care you are receiving.