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Abortion Options: A Comparison

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Abortion Options

Manual Vacuum Aspiration
Abortion Pill (RU486)
Standard Surgical Abortion
Overview of Abortion Options
A soft flexible tube is inserted into the natural opening of the cervix. A thin cannula about the size of a pencil is inserted. Gentle pressure is applied with a handheld device. The pregnancy lining is simply brought down into the syringe.
1) One pill is taken in the doctor’s office
2) You take a second set of pills that induce your period. Typically you have 1-2 hours of cramping and heavier bleeding
3) You have a mandatory follow up at the doctor’s office
Metal dilators stretch the opening of the cervix. A cannula is inserted. A tube connects the cannula to an electric vacuum machine and suctioning is applied. The doctor scrapes the uterus with a sharp instrument, or “curette.”
Greater Than 99%
Procedure Time
Less than 5 minutes
2 doctor’s visits, several hours of bleeding and cramping at home
10-15 minutes, including the administration of anesthesia
Recovery Time
Within Minutes
Once the cramping stops, you usually feel normal.
Post-Procedure Pain/Discomfort
No discomfort or mild period-like cramps. Return to your normal activities immediately. Nothing in the vagina for 48 hours.
The bleeding is usually heavier than a period for the first few hours; then becomes like a period, then stops and starts. The spotting or irregular bleeding can last for weeks to months and is normal.
Discomfort can last for hours or days. Return to work the next day. Nothing in the vagina for 2-6 weeks.
Minor complications that are able to be treated in the doctor’s office.
Minor complications that can be treated in the doctor’s office; extremely rare major complications have occurred.
Extremely rare but major complications that might need hospitalization.