Non-Surgical Procedures

Non surgical Abortion

Non surgical abortion is the safest

There are two non surgical abortion methods available to end early pregnancy: the Abortion Pill and Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA). Both of these methods allow the uterus to naturally release the pregnancy tissue without causing damage to the wall of the uterus. The Abortion Pill induces your period by blocking pregnancy hormones and causing the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy lining. MVA uses a gentle pressure to cause the natural release of the pregnancy through the opening of the cervix and into a small handheld device.

The World Health Organization recommends the Manual Aspiration Procedure and the Abortion Pill as the safest early abortion methods.  It recommends that surgical abortion only be completed where these non surgical abortion options are not available.

Why is Manual Vacuum Aspiration considered a non surgical abortion method?

  • Natural gentle pressure is applied. (No strong electric suction. No scraping or damage to the uterine wall. No scarring).
  • Eat and drink before your visit. (No need to fast).
  • Completed in a regular medical office (No Operating Room).
  • Minimal Discomfort (No need to be put to sleep).
  • Immediately resume normal activities (No Recovery Room).
  • Resume sexual activity and the use of tampons in 24-48 hours (No need to heal for weeks after the procedure).

MVA is a non surgical abortion method because there is no cutting and no scraping. A thin sterile tube about the size of a pencil is inserted into the cervix (the natural opening to the uterus) and gentle pressure is applied. There is no change to the natural uterine wall and thus there is minimal possibility of developing scar tissue. MVA is noninvasive and is safe for future pregnancy.

Non surgical abortion: No Operating Room

Manual Vacuum Aspiration is best offered in a private family doctor’s office, or a “primary care” setting. All care can be conducted in a private examination room and the procedure can be completed on a comfortable examination table. A companion of your choice can be by your side, and talk to you during the procedure. In this setting, you will experience the procedure like a regular gynecologic examination or Pap test.

Non surgical abortion: No Recovery Room

After an MVA, there is no recovery time. The uterus does not need to “heal” since there has been no change to the uterine lining. You can resume your normal activities and use tampons, bathe and have sexual intercourse after 24 hours. When you leave the office, you may have light period-like bleeding.

Non surgical abortion: Get Pregnant Again When You Want

YES!  Non surgical early abortion methods DO NOT cause scarring.  You are able to get pregnant when you are ready – even as soon as next month.