Abortion Pill Step #7: Having the miscarriage at home

Saturday, October 16th, 2010 by Dr Joan F.

One of the advantages of the abortion pill is that you can generally plan for the time that you will have the miscarriage.  You should take the misoprostol tablets 24-72 hours after taking the mifepristone in the doctor’s office.   Once you take the misoprostol, the miscarriage usually starts within a few hours.  You may have significant cramping and bleeding, so it is best to take the pills when you don’t have further commitments for the rest of the day or evening.  For example, if you have children or other dependants, you should take it after they go to bed.  You should not plan to work, shop or run errands for approximately 6 hours after taking the misoprostol.

It is best to have a friend, family member, or partner with you while you go through the miscarriage, in case there is anything you need.  At a minimum, they should be available by phone, and know that you may have signicant cramping.  Most abortion doctors are on call 24/7 if you have questions or concerns.  The amount of bleeding can vary significantly.  The doctor will explain more about what to expect.

Some women want to know if they can “disguise” the abortion pill as going through a bad menstrual period.  They may not want someone in the household to know that they are ending a pregnancy.  The answer is that yes, you can usually complete the medical abortion without others knowing what you are going through.  In addition, a medical professional will not be able to tell that you took the abortion pill.  Even in an emergency room, a doctor can’t differentiate between a miscarriage and a medical abortion.

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