Ask Doctor Joan: Abortions in New York City and New Jersey

Monday, May 26th, 2014 by Dr Joan F.

Subject: Early abortions, New York City, New Jersey, Aspiration Procedure, early abortion, abortion pill

I see you are a specalist in early abortions in New York City.  I
missed my period about 3 weeks ago, so am I too early?  What methods work best
for early abortions?  Do you know an early abortion specalist in New
Thank you for helping me,


Dear Natalie,
Thank you for your question about early abortions in New York City and New Jersey.  Many women are not aware that they have more options in terminating a pregnancy if they are less than 10 weeks pregnant.

My preferred method for early abortion is the Aspiration Procedure.  This nonsurgical, noninvasive procedure only takes a few minutes to complete.  It is a natural procedure and does not involve electric suction, scraping of the uterus, or general sedation.  Most women describe the procedure as similar to getting a pap smear.  You recover immediately, and can resume your normal activities when you leave the office.  The Aspiration procedure is completed in a regular doctor’s office (not an operating room).  You are able to bring a companion to be with you during the procedure if that makes you more comfortable.

The other method for early abortion is the abortion pill.  If you missed your period three weeks ago, you are still eligible to take the abortion pill.  I am an expert on the abortion pill, and recommend it.  However, I must add that many women find the Abortion Pill process to be more difficult than they expect.  There can be lengthy bleeding, and severe cramping.  It also requires 2 visits to the doctor, and has a higher failure rate compared to the Aspiration Procedure.

It would be worth your time and effort to come to New York City to our Early Options offices.  We have many patients travel from New Jersey, as well as other parts of the country, and even other countries.  Our medical services for early abortion is unique.  You will have a very positive medical experience in our office. Take the time to look at the patient reviews of our Brooklyn and Manhattan offices.

There are no abortion centers besides Early Options in New Jersey or New York City that offer the Aspiration procedure.  Some abortion clinics claim they provide the Aspiration procedure, but they provide it in the same way as a surgical abortion – in an operating room, recovery room, and sometimes even with scraping.  This is not the proper way to provide the Aspiration Abortion method.

I would not personally recommend any of the abortion clinics in New Jersey.  This is only based on reports from my patients who have told me about their experiences.  Unfortunately the abortion clinics in New Jersey and New York City tend to be high volume, with crowded waiting rooms, and an “assembly line” impersonal approach to medical care.  If you decide to go to an abortion clinic in New Jersey and have a positive medical experience, let me know.
I hope this is helpful,
Doctor Joan

Early Abortion Specialist
New York City

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