Ask Doctor Joan: Cytotec Abortion

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 by Dr Joan F.

Subject: Abortion pill, early abortion, cytotec abortion, misoprostol, aspiration abortion

Dear Doctor Joan, I need to have an abortion but I live in Mexico, and it is illegal here,  could I go to a clinic in the u.s. and get an abortion there? if it is, could you please recommend me one in the state of Arizona.
Obviously the RU486 pill is not available here, but i have heard of a pill call citotex which is use for clandestine abortions… but it scares me… is it safe?
I hope you can answer my questions , thank so much

Dear Yosoymia,
I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time getting the medical care you need.

If you lived in a country with legal abortion, it would be better for you to see a doctor.  Cytotec abortions only work about 80% of the time. RU486, or Mifepristone, increases your chances to almost 100%.  The best early abortion procedure is the nonsurgical Aspiration Procedure.  This procedure takes less than 5 minutes, is very gentle, and does not utilize scraping or electric suction. I do not know of an office that offers the Aspiration procedure in Arizona, but there is an office in New Mexico.  You can find this office at

Cytotec (misoprostol) for early abortion is safe, BUT ONLY under 3 conditions.  1) It is best that you get an ultrasound first, to confirm that the pregnancy is under 9 weeks, and that it is growing in your uterus (is not ectopic, or in the fallopian tube).  It is dangerous to take misoprostol over 9 weeks, and it is dangerous to take misoprostol if the pregnancy is ectopic. 2) Take the misoprostol – If you plan to do this, you can call our office, and my assistant will talk you through how to take it correctly. I would arrange for a phone meeting for you. 3) YOU MUST CONFIRM THAT THE PREGNANCY IS OVER. YOU MUST MAKE A FINAL DECISION TO END THE PREGNANCY.  IF THE MISOPROSTOL DOESN’T WORK YOU MUST FIND A WAY TO END IT, BECAUSE MISOPROSTOL CAUSES BIRTH DEFECTS.

So, one option is to 1) get an ultrasound.  You can do this by going to a doctor or an emergency room, and say that you are pregnant and are having some bleeding – they will do an ultrasound automatically. This way you can also go back there after the Misoprostol and have them check you again, and they will not be able to tell whether or not it was a natural miscarriage.   2) Take the misoprostol, up to 3 times.  Hopefully this will induce a miscarriage, and you will bleed heavier than a period. 3) Go back for a follow up ultrasound. 4) If it was not successful, plan to go to New Mexico or come to our office in New York City to complete the abortion.

I hope this is helpful,
Doctor Joan
New York City

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