Early? Do you know your options?

You’ve made your decision, but you may be scared of actually going through an abortion.  You may have had a bad experience in the past, or may have heard of a bad experience from your friend, your sister, or your mother.  You’re scared of getting a surgical procedure, and have heard about the “loud noise” but don’t want to risk being put to sleep.  You’ve heard that the abortion pill is not much better, with a lot of cramping and bleeding.

There’s a better way, that avoids the trauma of going through a surgical abortion in an abortion clinic.  At Early Options in New York City and at other facilities nationwide,  early abortion methods are the specialty.  What’s the difference? Under ten weeks,  there are gentle non surgical approaches to ending early pregnancy.  The Aspiration Procedure is the quickest and safest early abortion method.  It only takes a few minutes to complete.  The Abortion Pill can be completed in your own home.  These methods are endorsed by the World Health Organization as the safest early abortion methods.  They cause a natural release of early pregnancy tissue, without causing trauma to the uterus. Compared to a D&C abortion procedure, there is no scraping, no electric suction, no metal instruments, so there are no major complications.

The tissue of an early pregnancy (under 10 weeks) is similar to the tissue that you shed monthly during your period.  This tissue is heavier, preparing for the pregnancy.  However, it is not strongly attached to the uterine wall.  The quiet Manual Vacuum Aspiration Procedure applies a gentle pressure that causes the natural release of the pregnancy lining.  The Abortion Pill causes the same release by using medications to block the hormones of pregnancy.

We know that the decision to have an abortion is hard, but your medical care shouldn’t be.  Early abortion methods can be completed in our comfortable examination rooms- no surgery, no anesthesia, no crowded waiting rooms or recovery rooms.

We’re here to help you to understand your options and to help you get the right medical care.  You can ask any questions you have by contacting a doctor here.