Feeling Right About Your Decision


“I feel like I should feel terrible about having an abortion, but I don’t. Is this normal?”
“I don’t understand. The Aspiration Procedure was so simple. I saw the tissue. It was nothing! I don’t get it. I had an abortion before and it was one of the worst experiences of my life.  In a way it wasn’t a hard decision for me. I knew I wanted to end it, and we were both clear. I was afraid to go through another experience like I did before. Then I found your website, and I was so surprised there was another way. How come I never heard of the Aspiration Procedure before? How come nobody else offers it?

It just amazes me what we’ve gone through emotionally in the last week. I wasn’t really feeling bad, and then I started thinking I should be feeling bad. We felt like something was wrong with us, because we weren’t having a moral problem with it. So we started making ourselves feel bad. We thought that since people made such a big deal out of it, we should be feeling worse than we did. We’ve been up all night for a week feeling bad. If I had any idea how simple this could be, we wouldn’t have gone through all that torture.”


Ending early pregnancy does not need to be traumatic. Many women are clear on their decisions. It’s not the right time. Morally, they are not opposed to ending a pregnancy before it’s developed. While nobody wants to be faced with this choice or to go through ending a pregnancy, it also doesn’t have to be a terrible experience.

Medically, early abortion doesn’t need to be complicated. The Aspiration Procedure and the Abortion Pill are simple non-surgical methods that can be completed in a regular doctor’s office. The pregnancy doesn’t develop until after 10 weeks of pregnancy. Early pregnancy consists of a thickened tissue lining (similar to the lining that is shed with your period) and an empty fluid filled sac (a bubble of fluid the size of a grape). The cells are beginning to divide and form the embryo are not visible. The non-surgical Aspiration Procedure can be completed in a few minutes, and then you can resume your normal activities.

There is no reason to beat yourself up because you made a mistake. It’s common for women to get an abortion at one or more times in their lives. It’s normal! Women are having sex at times when they are not in a position to support a child, and birth control is not ideal. Mistakes happen. Learn what you can from this experience. We’ll work with you to help you make choices that will help you prevent this situation in the future.


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