Feeling Like You Need A Good Reason To End It


“I don’t have a good reason to end it but I don’t want to be pregnant. Am I the only one who feels this way?”

“I’m thinking about coming in to end my pregnancy, but I have no good reason. I have a two year old at home, we have money, I could make it work, but I keep feeling like I wish it were a week ago when I wasn’t pregnant. I’m just not feeling like I want to continue, but I don’t have a reason to end it. I was feeling so alone and embarrassed to talk with anyone. I felt like such a bad person for having these thoughts. Do you ever see people like me?”


Yes, it is common not to feel like you have a “big” enough reason to end your pregnancy. Women say they end pregnancies for all kinds of reasons, but often what it simply comes down to is that a woman may not want to have a baby at a particular time in her life. Sometimes there seems to be a clear reason, and sometimes there isn’t. In a way, that’s why we’re here. We’re trying to make this more of an ordinary medical experience for women.

The polarized attitudes about abortion and abortion clinics have made it so that women feel they need a “big” reason to go through ending an early pregnancy. But maybe your reasons aren’t so “big.” Maybe you just don’t want to go through a pregnancy and have another baby. I’m guessing you felt differently when you decided to have your first baby. You were excited about it. Now, you got pregnant by accident and realize the timing isn’t right. You want to enjoy the child you have, or you have other commitments that you need to take care of.

You may or may not feel that you can end a pregnancy for these reasons and feel comfortable with yourself. That is your own personal decision to make. But if you do decide you want to end it, we’re here to help. We don’t pass judgment. We’re here to offer you a simple way to end it early, if that’s what you choose. Most women we see feel it makes a difference that they’re so early and can end the pregnancy before it has a chance to develop.

You’re definitely not alone. These are the kinds of conversations I have with women every day. It’s unfortunate that the abortion debate is so divisive that women don’t talk about their own experiences with each other. What you’re going through is a common experience.


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