Question: What is the safest and easiest abortion procedure?

Sunday, October 9th, 2011 by Dr Joan F.

Question: Hi I am currently set to have an abortion in three days, but i do have really really bad anxiety.  i have both surgical method and the pill method before in the past, but do to other events my anxiety has increased dramatically since the, and with that comes this fear that i will die during one of the procedures. so which is the safest and easiest, im just so scared with this, although i do not want to have another kid at this time i do want it done. just scared. any help would be great.

Dear Anxious:

Early abortion is one of the safest medical procedures available.  Please see my website for a summary of the safest abortion methods.   

Of course if you can get to New York City, our Early Options offices offer the safest early abortion methods, recommended by the World Health Organization.  The Aspiration Procedure is the safest method of all, if completed correctly.  It is safer than D&C abortion because it does not utilize metal instruments, electric suction, or sedation. 

If you can’t find a doctor who offers the Aspiration Procedure or don’t have the means to come to New York City, I would recommend the Abortion Pill.  If you need to get a surgical abortion, make sure they do not scrape with a curette – it is completely unnecessary in early pregnancy.  You should also choose local or “twilight” anesthesia – these are the safest options. 

It is normal and common to feel anxious about getting an abortion.  It’s hard to go through ending an unwanted pregnancy.   On top of a difficult personal decision, you are also having to go through a medical procedure, your hormones are “raging” and you have to deal with the controversy over making this choice.  Most abortion clinics have a counselor.  Tell her how you are feeling.  She can probably help you with some medications to make the actual procedure less difficult.

I hope this is helpful.

Doctor Joan