Quick Safe Simple Aspiration

There’s nothing to be afraid of.  Getting an early abortion with the Manual Vacuum Aspiration procedure  is quick and simple.  This non surgical method only takes a few minutes, and is completely safe for future pregnancy.  It is safer than a surgical D&C abortion: no scraping, no electric suction, no metal instruments, no need to be put to sleep.  It is simpler than a medical abortion (abortion pill): no need for multiple visits to the doctor, no lengthy bleeding, no strong cramping.  It’s completed in a private, comfortable examination room: no operating room, no recovery room.

What is the aspiration procedure?  It’s a quiet non surgical method that uses soft gentle pressure to release early pregnancy tissue.  The doctor inserts a slender, flexible plastic tube through the natural opening of the cervix.  She then attaches a small handheld device.  This device creates a gentle suction that causes the pregnancy lining to release from the wall of the uterus.  The entire procedure takes a few minutes to complete.  It is similar to getting an annual pap test.  You will experience a few minutes of tolerable cramping, like a bad menstrual period.  Within minutes, you will feel back to normal.  Most women who leave our office feel ready to resume their normal activities.

The aspiration procedure should be completed like any outpatient procedure in a family doctor’s office. There is no need for the stigma of abortion clinics or impersonal care.  This is a time that you should make sure you get the right medical care.